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Artists have the right to disagree with power, with the status quo. - Tania Bruguera


 I am an artist with activist qualities - an "artivist" from the Polish diaspora. I strive to create a space where the boundaries between art and social justice become blurred. Here, I explore the different ways of working with performance, prints, book and zine making, banners, installation, protest, analogue photography, music and community work. I believe that art can be a powerful tool for creating positive change, and I am passionate about creating meaningful works that can make an impact. My work explores themes of identity, migration, displacement, alienation, and self-determination. I am highlighting issues of poverty, inequalities, and systems of oppression.

Group exhibitions and performance

  • May 2023 Rogue Women, Rogue Studios, Manchester

  • March 2023 Labia Mania performance and exhibition at Islington Mill, Manchester

  • August 2022 Reset the system exhibition and performance at Wellington Studios

  • June 2022 Chavs performance at Islington Mill

  • June 2019 Manifests Arts Festival group exhibition and performance KUKURYKU

Solo exhibitions and performance

  • March 2023 Hardcore Cracovianka performance at New Adelphi, Manchester

  • March 2022 Hardcore Cracovianka performance at Home Manchester

  • April 2021 Hardcore Cracovianka performance at Islington Mill

  • June 2020 Home Turf solo exhibition and performance at Chorlton Arts Festival

Curated shows:

April 2022  Reset the System in Antwerp Mansion

August 2022 Reset the System in Wellington Studios


Community Engagement from Student Create in 2023


2020-2023 BA (Hons) Fine Art at the University of Salford finished with First Honoured Class

2010-2013 High School 20 Leopolda Staffa in Kraków, Poland 

Performances as DJ TRY:

February 2023 at Ukrainian Cultural Centre, Dniepro/all money from tickets went to support people during war in Ukraine, UK

September 2022 at antifascists street party in Kraków, Poland

August 2022 at 'Reset the System', Wellington System, UK

April 2021 at 'Reset the System', Antwerp Mansion, UK

October 2021 at party 'NO' in Lenin Club, Kraków, Poland


Additional expierience:

Mentoring sessions with Franko B in London in 2022 and 2023.

Participation in international print exchange Hot Bed Press 20:20 in 2022.


Work with marginalized migrant communities in Manchester since 2019 at Europia Charity.

Training from The Arts For the Blues artsfortheblues ( .

In April 2023, I delivered two hours of training about hate crime and far-right extremist awareness in the UK, focusing on Manchester.

Experience as a make-up artist and costume designer on movie sets and photoshoots in Poland 2012-2017.

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